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To become one of the finest smokers in the world, simply call us to set up an account, or fill out the form below and one of our tobacconists will be in touch with you!

Elegant Tobacco

EMAIL           PHONE  1-800-243-2737         ADDRESS   680 Angelita Drive, Prescott, Arizona 863030

The Elegant System Includes

10.1 Pounds of fine blended tobacco leaves

Burley, Flue –Cured, and Oriental tobacco leaves.  Enough tobacco for 25 Cartons.

25 Boxes of Elegant Tubes

The Elegant Tobacco Shredder

A 47 pound shredder that shred enough tobacco for two cartons in about a minute.

Your Choice of Electric Cigarette Injector Machines:


The Powermatic III Automatic Cigarette Maker or the Revolution Electric Cigarette Maker

And these must have accessories: 


  • An Airtight Tobacco Storage container.


  • A moisture meter and Boveda packets for storage up to six months.


  • Elegant Packages for your finished cigarettes.


  • An Elegant Certificate welcoming you into the Elegant Society.

Price on the complete Elegant System - $1,000.

About $4 a pack. Less than a third the price of Luxury Cigarettes.

Half the price of Marlboro.

Elegant Tobacco Reorders

$1,000 on Elegant Tobacco Reorders.

10.1 Pounds of fine blended tobacco leaves

25 Boxes of Elegant Tubes & Elegant Packages

Financing Available

For those who want to make payments, we will extend credit as follows:

$300 at the time of purchase. 5 monthly payments of $140 each.

Payments will automatically debit every 30 days.

      To qualify for the credit program:

1. Fill out our application- It’s just below these instructions.

2. Go to and get a free credit report. It’s a “soft inquiry” so it won’t impact your credit score. When you go to print your report select “save as PDF”

3. Upload the PDF of your credit report. The button to do so is on the application below.

4. Hit Submit! We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to let you know if you are approved!