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The best flue-cured and burley tobaccos in the world are grown in the United States. American growers in the Southeastern States use the most advanced agricultural equipment, technology and methods available.

Burley tobacco is grown primarily in central and western Kentucky and central and western Tennessee. Burley tobacco is light air-cured and relies on a delicate balance of humidity and temperature to cure properly.

When cigarettes became popular in the late 1800’s, the most prevalent blend was Virginia or English blend which used only flue-cured and a small amount of Oriental tobaccos grown in Greece and Turkey.  American tobacconists introduced burley to the blend to derive a smoother, mellower smoke. These components are the core of American blend cigarettes on the market today. 

Elegant tobacco is an American blend which selects and uses only the finest of domestic and oriental tobaccos available without regard to cost.

The Full Circle of RYO Has Finally Arrived After 20 Long Years

“I’ve reviewed a lot of products in my twenty years publishing RYO Magazine.” 
Says Doug Kennedy , Editor and Publisher of RYO Magazine.  


“Generally there are good points and bad points with most products. There are no bad points with Elegant Tobacco.  This is the best tobacco I’ve ever smoked and the finest tobacco in the world.”  

      “Nothing has prepared me for Elegant Tobacco and the Elegant Tobacco System.  
Elegant is remarkable tobacco.  It is really special.  As a tobacco connoisseur I found 
Elegant Tobacco incredible.  I now only smoke Elegant Tobacco.” 

For a longer review of Elegant Tobacco go to Roll Your Own Magazine on the Internet.

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