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When we were developing ELEGANT, we realized that to truly craft the best cigarettes in the world, one would have to make them themselves. 

Shredding your own tobacco and crafting your own cigarettes improves the taste. It ensures the least amount of breakage and "shattering" of tobacco, which creates a dust called "offal." This leads to a harsher smoke, and lest pleasing taste. Elegant is designed to have the smoothest draw of any cigarette, while still delivering superior flavor.


The Elegant Tobacco Shredder

will shred a pound of tobacco in just a minute with a perfect cut every time.


Crafting your own cigarettes ensures their freshness as well. Tobacco that has been rolled into cigarettes and stored in a warehouse for years will simply not taste as good as a freshly rolled cigarette.


The Powermatic III 

included in your first order you can roll perfect cigarettes extremely quickly.

For $799 you will receive 10.1 pounds of the worlds best tobacco, with 25 cartons of tubes specifically designed to curate the best smoke.

On your first order we will include, for free, a Powermatic III, an Elegant Tobacco Shredder, a gamma sealed storage container, and other select smoking accessories to truly ensure the best smoking experience.

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